Sandwich & Platter
                 Sandwich/Side   Platter/w Two Sides

*Brisket                    $8                   $12
*Pulled Chicken             $7                     $11
*Smoked Turkey Breast       $7                   $11
*Pulled Pork                $7                   $11
*Smoked Chicken Wings      $10
*Add Texas Beef Sausage                         $2.50

*1/2 Rack of Ribs w/Side                       $12.50

*Full Rack of Ribs w/2 Sides                      $24


*Two Meats w/ One Side                         $13.50
(Meat Choices from above)

*Texas Trinity w/ Two Sides                    $20.50
(Brisket, 1/4 Ribs, Texas beef sausage)

*Georgia Sampler w/ Three Sides               $26.50
(Pork, Chicken, 1/4 Ribs, One more Meat Choices from Brisket
  Smoked turkey or Texas beef sausage)

Side Dishes 

Slaw, Mac, BBq Beans, Brunswick, Fries, Collards
 *Daily side specials with touch...

      Individual/$2.50    Pint/$5     Quart/$9.50


*Settler-Vinegar, Pepper 
*Table-Classic Mild
*Kitchen-Spicy, Fresh
*KB-Korean Style, Sweet heat
*Hotlanta-All in the name


 Heirloom Market BBQ

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